PVB resin
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Introduction of PVB resin
Chemical Properties of PVB resins
Product Applications
Solubility of PCM-PVB resins
Product Applications

PCM PVB can be widely used in various applications as listed below:

  1. Wash primer

  2. The most popular application for PVB is on metal as paint wash primer, which is widely used on variety of metal surfaces like airplane, bridge, dam lock, electrical appliances, ship and storage tank.

    The major advantages for using PVB are:
    a) Better adhesion
    b) Dry faster
    c) Good anchoring property.

    Recommend items: 94 HX, 91 HX

  3. Foil Coatings

  4. Metal coated with PVB will enjoy the properties of:

    a) Increased foil strength
    b) Moisture proof
    c) Increased printability

    Recommend items: 94 HX, 91HX

  5. Wood Coatings

  6. PVB combine with phenolic resin, shellac, NC are widely used in wood coatings, with the following capabilities:

    a) Better toughness
    b) Better flexibility
    c) Improved impact resistance

    Recommend item: 94HX, 91HX

  7. Leather Coating/paints

  8. PVB + NC + Plasticizer are used in leather coating due to their properties:

    a) Excellent adhesion
    b) Better elongation
    c) Better crack proof properties

    Recommend items: 91 SY, 93 SY, 94 SY

  9. Baking Paints

  10. Baking resin (like Phenolic, Melamine, or Urea resins) will have the following advantages:

    a) Good flexibility
    b) Good leveling property
    c) Free from pinhole
    d) Good chemical resistance

    Recommend items: 94 HX, 96 HX

  11. Powder Coatings

  12. a) Adhesion enhancer
    b) Better edge covering
    c) Prevent pulverization

    Recommend Items: 94 HX, 96 HX

  13. Adhesives

  14. Adhesive resin with PVB will increase the bonding strength for metal, glass, leather, wood, cloth and paper substrates.

    Recommend items: 94 HX, 91 HX, 82 HX

  15. Adhesives of PCB

  16. PVB + phenolic resin will perform with

    a) Less peel strength
    b) Less blistering trend
    c) Better dielectric property

    Recommend items: 89 TX, 88 TX, 87 TX

  17. Toner of Copier

  18. PVB can be used as the binder for toner used in copy machine, the dosage is around 25 % and will increase the strength

    Recommend item: 94 HX

  19. Printing Inks

  20. PVB offers

    a) Better flexibility
    b) Better adhesion
    c) Better Toughness

    Recommend items: 96 HX, 94 HX, 91HX

  21. Hot Melt Adhesives

  22. PVB blend with plasticizer will offer a tough clear film for hotĀ­melt adhesive

    Recommend item: 94 HX

  23. Ceramic Binders

  24. PVB will give green strength to the ceramic powder

    Recommend items: 94 HX, 91 HX, 91 SY, 94 SY

  25. Transfer paper for Textile printing

  26. Recommend items: 91MX, 94 HX, 96 HX

  27. Textile Coating and Printing

  28. Recommend items: 94 HX, 91HX, 82 HX

  29. Sizing agents for textile yarn

  30. Recommend items: 94 HX, 91HX, 82 HX

  31. X-Ray Film Primer and carrier

  32. Recommend item: 96TX

  33. Safety Glass laminations

  34. Recommend items: 81HX, 82HX

  35. Primer for plastic films

  36. PVB can be used as primer for plastic film, which will retain good bonding with good flexibility

    Recommend item: 96TX

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