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About Us
Our Strategy
Our Prospective
Our Advantages

Polochema (PCM-PVB)(Poly Vinyl Butyral division): One of the major PVB resin supplier based in Taiwan, having the capacity of 15,000MT p.a. and covering various applications in glass film lamination, wash primer, adhesives, ceramic binder, pigment binder, textile sizing, printing inks…..….

Accompanied with the growth of the market, we have long term plan to reach 30,000MT by end of 2015.

Our Strategy

PCM-PVB: Focus on following applications:

  1. Higher molecular weight grade PVB resin:
    Glass lamination: Safety glass, solar energy film, heat/light sensitive glass film
  2. Medium molecular weight grade PVB resin:
    Paint and Coating:
    Anti-corrosive paint, wash primer, baking paint
    Wood coating, glass coating, powder coating, leather paint

    Ceramic binder, filler binder, pigment binder
  3. Lower molecular weight grade PVB resin:
    Ink: Pigment binder, filler binder, toner for copier
    Primer: Plastic film primer, optical film primers
  4. Modified PVB resin:
    Adhesive: Special adhesive for PCB

Our Prospective

PCM-PVB aim to be the Top 3 PVB supplier in Asia

Our Advantages
  1. Wide product line for various applications
  2. Strongly application oriented
  3. Vertical integration- from PVA to PVB
  4. Focus on final solution instead of selling materials or products
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